The Perfect Pattern Parcel was created to offer sewist like you and me,  high quality Indie Designer PDF Sewing Patterns and an opportunity to make a charitable contribution to children's education. Sounds like an awesome idea right?  Well it gets better.  The creators of the Perfect Pattern Parcel are allowing you to dig deep into your pockets and name your own price for all 5 of these patterns. | perfect pattern parcel 1 - concert tee | | perfect pattern parcel 1 - concert tee |
Perfect Pattern Parcel

 I sewed up the Lady Skater for myself (LOVE IT), but I wanted to make something for my momma since she is the very first Indie Designer I know and just so happens to be a retired pre-school teacher. (see the connection)  When I was little, I remember my mom staying up late sewing her fashion designs into the wee hours of the morning.  On the weekends, she would go around to local nightclubs/bars to sell the garments and accessories she made out of our family van - creating her own pop up shop.  I remember a time when she let me sleep in the back of the van while she sold the garments she made, she was a rock star, people would line up just to buy her garments.  

I know my mom loved sewing and creating, but she also did it to earn extra money to make ends meet. Just remember, when we support indie designers, we are supporting small, mostly women owned, businesses, essentially providing money for a women to support her family. So shop small, it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy in side.

Parcel 1 Collage